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The MWOD Book is here! “Becoming a Supple Leopard”

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“The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance”

Hey Leopards,

The Mwod legion has been asking for a book for awhile now, and here it is!  Look, I know that diving into the MobilityWod is a little like looking at one of those big elvis paintings made up of thousands of little pictures of Elvis.  It’s hard to really makes sense of what it is you are seeing, until you move far enough away from the photo to be able to see the relationships between the individual images.  This blog is a little like that (instead of Elvis, you get Leopard Elvis…).  We began to realize it ourselves,  and we’ve been working on the book ever since.  This book is massive.  It will be nearly 500 pages long and contain four to five thousand images.  We cover good movement cues, common movement faults, all the mobilization fixes, movement theory, and specific injury/diagnosis MobRx solutions.  And, ready for this?  It’s totally organized and easily searchable (bodypart, injury, movement, diagnosis, region, etc…)

From day one, we started the Mobility Project with the idea that it was a human right to be able to identify your own movement limitations and to be able to perform basic maintenance on yourself. We are trying to make this writing project the guidebook to that premise.  During this writing project I found out many interesting things about writing a book.  One, it’s every bit as sexy as digging a very long, very deep ditch everyday.  And, it hangs over your head like the worst case of never ending grad school homework ever.  Making 450+ videos is way easier.  And, that the New York Times Best Seller list is predicated on PRE-sales.  That’s right, I found out that if our community pre-ordered just five thousand copies of this book by the end of January release date, we’d likely make the NYT Best Seller list.  This is insane to me.  We could easily have a book about exercise, movement, and “stretching” on the NYT list?  Can you imagine?  ”Fifty Shades of Grey“ ANDBecoming a Supple Leopard” on the same list?  We are so going to hack the system and straight up kill people’s faces.

To this end we thought it only fair to incentive those MWod users that help us hit our NY Times pre-sale goal.  So, we started a raffle.

Purchase a copy of Supple Leopard on or Barnes & Noble and send your receipt to:

Round-trip airfare from anywhere in continental U.S. to San Francisco for a 2-hour Movement and Mobility Session with Kelly Starrett at San Francisco CrossFit. Prize includes two nights at a local hotel and dinner with Kelly.

The affiliate gym that orders the most books (wholesale prices when purchasing 10 copies or more), wins a free  Movement and Mobility Trainer Course with Kelly Starrett at their gym. To purchase wholesale books, please download and complete theWholesale Book Order Form (11-49 books) or Wholesale Book Order Form (50+ books) and return it to for processing. Over 10 books = 50% off the cover price and over 50 books = 55% off the cover price.

Winners will be selected on the MobilityWod episode that airs September 15th, 2012.  The only caveat is that I can’t fly you in from another country!

Thanks to all of you that have been asking for the book.  I never would have done this thing if it weren’t for you.

Check out for more info if you need it.



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