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MWod Fight Club Social Pressure Drill

Posted on November 16th, by Juliet in Blog, fight club, make a better decision, social pressure.

Hey Leopards,

Today’s episode is homage to the fact that we are in this thing together.  You’ve got to have a coach, training partners, or a training community.  It’s really hard to coach yourself all the time.  Seriously, even all the major religions share the same idea; praying alone is great, but you’ve got to also do it with some other folks.  As it turns out human beings are wired as social animals.  And no matter how much of a lone wolf (solo weight lifting running ninja) you are, you can’t help but be influenced directly and indirectly by the people around you.  Seriously, look at all the goal setting literature.  Want to accomplish something, tell everyone that you are doing it.  Good luck trying to bail on that commitment.  I’m waaay more likely to follow up on something if I’m accountable to someone, say, like Jstar my wife.  (You musn’t make Whisky angry).  And although my wife is likely to make the comment that I should just  ”care” about taking the recycling out, it certainly helps when I know someone else “cares” that I “care” about taking out the recycling.  Social pressure is strong.  Just ask the Mo-vember folks out there growing very, very silly mustaches for charity.  They can’t shave those things now, everyone will know they couldn’t hack it.  We use the social pressure model all the time in our gym.  If we agree that the movement standard of the day is to not chicken neck at the top of the pull up (head fault), every time someone does it, we call out that person’s name and everyone owes a penalty movement (burpee, run, etc).  As you may guess, the behavior changes quickly under these conditions.  Negative reinforcement of noxious behavior works.  Want to quit drinking?  Take some antibuse and enjoy the vomiting when you drink that Nor-cal marg.  You get the idea.

So let me introduce the MWod Fight Club drill.  Agree on good movement, then kill and banish someone when they fault.  It’s not  your fault you had to kill them.  They: 1) asked you to do it 2) decided it was easier to be in a crappy position than it was to stay alive or not be banished.

You need a coach and training partner. Do  you really think that guy in “Fight Club” went back to working at that crappy job?  I don’t think so.

Click here to view the embedded video.

As Jstar says, “make a better decision”.  You just may need super friends to do it.



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