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Measuring Lifestyle and Nutrition

Posted on May 29th, by Juliet in beast mode, Blog, blood panel, blood testing, jim kean, wellnessfx,

Hey Mwodies,

I am very stoked about today’s post.  I’ve long maintained that you are an infinite healing machine, at any age, forever.  This simple equation reads:  Right Lifestyle + Right Movement = Perfect Healing/Adaptation Human Machine.

The problem has been in our ability to effectively measure and quantify our lifestyles (effects of sleep/nutrition/stress/hydration, etc.)  I’m not sure who said it but I believe it;  what can be measured can be managed.  I begin every seminar I teach talking about the impacts of poor hydration and nutrition on the qualities of your body’s tissues (and of course performance). The problem with lifestyle is that many of it’s implications on the human being are pathognomic/lagging indicator in nature.  Your crappy nutrition doesn’t show up right away. You can buffer poor sleep for a long, long time.  How do you know you are eating ok?  You don’t.  It’s like having terrible deadlifting form and mechanics and saying, I haven’t been injured yet!  You will be.  It’s just that your body has a few built in duty cycles before it starts to get pissy. Look, if you are serious about living to be 120 years old and kicking ass, you’ve got to know what’s happening under the hood.  Just because you are Gluten Free, doesn’t mean you aren’t pre-diabetic for a couple of days after getting one bad night’s sleep, or that your cortisol isn’t flipped.  (You can test your own blood sugar anytime you know…)  Variables concerning performance have to be observable, measurable, and repeatable.  If you are playing like you are elite, you had better make sure the details of your lifestyle are supporting you.

Let me introduce you to Jim Kean.  He’s been one of my athletes for a couple of years now and has been obsessed with building a better model for getting regular blood work, and thus WellnessFx was born.  Stop guessing.  Go find somewhere to get a good blood panel.  My total cholesterol was low for example, but when we pulled it apart it turns out my sometimes crazy sleep schedule was making it hard for me to process cookies and red wine (go figure…).

WellnessFx is badass.  But what is really badass is that they have simple panel that is affordable.  Click here for more info: WellnessFx.

Take away:  How do you know what you know?  When was the last time you had a kick ass blood panel?  Hell, when did you have your vit.D,  testosterone, or homocysteine checked last?  Get on it.

The first video is a short interview with WellnessFx founder Jim Kean.  The next couple videos are  case studies with Jstar and Diane Fu.   (You gotta practice what you preach.)


Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.



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