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It’s Not Just Absolute Position, It’s Stability as Well

Posted on November 27th, by Juliet in Blog, elyse umeda, internal rotation, muslce up, ring dip, shoulder, shoulder pain, stability.

Hey Mwodies,

I am often asked the question, stability or mobility first?  It turns out that this question is very straight forward.  The answer is both.  It’s not exactly possible to pull out the stability requirements out of the movements of your limbs.  The stable shoulder position in overhead movements (in end range flexion) is always accompanied by an external rotation torque force in the shoulder joint.  If you are missing this rotation, you are missing full range of motion.  Period.  You can’t simply take out the rotational components (read: stabilizing and positional) of a movement and train it later.  Hell, 90% of the cues given by any coach in any gym are rotational in nature (knees out, armpits forward, back foot in, block, etc).Sometimes it’s just tricky to understand the implications of a missing range of motion.  In today’s episode, we have a brilliant athlete missing some shoulder internal rotation.  What is difficult to appreciate is the impact this has on her shoulder stability and capacity to even start in an uncompromised position.  So mobility or stability first?  Stable always, but make sure your athletes aren’t so bound up that they can’t ever be stable. So mobility if you can’t get stable.  But the limits of stability first and always.   StabMo.  There I said it.  StabMo first. ™

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