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I am Mwod. Apache Driver Edition

Hey Leopard Legion,

I’m not gonna lie, today’s mission is pretty badass.  It comes from one of our Apache Helicopter friends flying  working in a very austere environment.  It’s important for a couple more reasons than simply being awesome:

1) Our pilots are programming to their knowingly compromised positioning.  The athletes have to maintain a pretty horrible working position in that seat, have to withstand horrendous up/down repeated shear/compression motions for hours, and have a really heavy helmet on with a pretty badass but heavy “Integrated Helmet and Display Sighting System” .  If you’ve ever flown in a helicopter you know that the collective and stick make it nearly impossible to be in a decent position.  Couple this reality with the fact that our rotary wing pilots are always having to sight the ground (look down) and it’s easy to understand how these guys can end up in a pretty rounded thoracic/forward head on neck position.  So what do you do with this?  Simple.  You expect the expected.  Hockey players look like hockey players.  Golfers have golfers problems.  Runners end up moving like runners.  If you can anticipate the compromise, you can stay ahead of the “suck” line.

2)  When you are thinking critically about your own set of problems/positional limitations, build a problem list.  Having a quick check list means that you will always hit the big problems first and time permitting hit some of your lesser problems later.

3)  Get some work done.  Your tools can be crude and improvised, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing your daily due diligence.

4)  Try the “Toph” protocol.  Work on something that is stiff/hurts today, and something that you know you are going to need tomorrow.

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